Investigative methodologies

Behavior Analysis Interview

We at Everest Investigations, utilize the John Reid Technique of Behavior Analysis Interview (BAI) which is, a non-accusatory interview method designed to identify whether or not a person is telling the truth or withholding relevant information concerning a specific crime or acts of wrongdoing. The interview has proven to be very effective when there are many possible suspects and no evidence pointing to a particular person.

Statement Interview Analysis

We at Everest Investigations use a structured and systematic analysis of language, whether written (statements, transcripts, electronic mail, etc) or spoken. Through the analysis of the words people use, the Everest investigator will gain insight into individual thought processes and obtain a tremendous advantage in prioritizing, and conducting follow-up interviews, directing the investigation, and reaching accurate conclusion. This is based upon the Laboratory of Scientific Interrogation Institute Scan Program


Forensic Psycho- physiology (Polygraph Examinations)

All of Everest Investigations' polygraph examinations are conducted in a professional, low profile, non-accusatory manner known as non-confrontational information elicitation. Our polygraph examination models stems from the work of the Gormac Polygraph School in conjunction with the Graduate Department of Psychology at La Verne University, La Verne California and approved by the National and American Polygraph Associations.