Criminal Investigations

At Everest Investigations we conduct criminal forensic investigations and internal personnel security assessments for corporations, small business, and government organizations involving corruption, fraud, thefts, workplace violence, and other criminal activities. At Everest Investigations we utilize specialized forensic techniques of computerized Forensic Psycho-physiological (polygraph) examinations, behavioral interview analysis, and statement interview analysis.  These techniques allow us to narrow the focus of the investigation and identify the suspect or suspects involved in the criminal behavior or security breaches.  Everest Investigations uses the latest scientific interviewing methods to obtain a possible confession or admission from the suspect or suspects

  1. Investigative process of determining whether or not the subject was involved in a specified crime or incident.
  2. Recognize false complaints
  3. Provide a new "key" to an investigation when all other standard investigative techniques have been exhausted
  4. Narrow the focus of inquiry
  5. Gather additional information and evidence
  6. Helps to hone the investigation down to particular suspects
  7. Assists with determining whether or not the subject is truthful, deceptive, or concealing information