About Everest Investigations

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As a Investigative Consultant, Malcolm T. Everest’s professional experience, training, and education spans more than 40 years and includes; Military service (USMC), government public service in, law enforcement, as well as, safety and security services, including, over 30 of those years as a California Licensed Private Investigator, managing and conducting forensic investigations in the public and private sectors involving administrative, civil, and criminal investigative assessments. His experience, training and education, encompasses all phases of litigation investigations, and more.

Mr. Everest education and professional skill-set also includes Management Development for Entrepreneurs, as well as. Organizational-Management and Conflict Management i.e. conflict analysis, mediation, and negotiations which adds to his unique investigative management ability to provide individuals, attorneys, businesses, governmental organizations, and non governmental organizations with expert problem-solving solutions.


Mr. Everest is dedicated to ethically protecting the best interests of his clients, offering the highest form of professionalism and expertise, and providing confidential and comprehensive investigative assessments to support his clients with making responsible and informed decisions.


Many people in business & life situations live by situational ethics. Your best life is exemplified when you maintain integrity and ethical excellence. When you make honesty a priority, others will trust you and you will build a faithful and solid clientele and/or personal relationships. Accomplish the best in life by being ethical.