At Everest Investigations we operate with our client’s best interest in mind, and hold to the highest standards of professional discretion.  We offer a one-stop expert advisory source with a unique and broad range of Investigative Assessments and problem- solving solutions in the areas of Administrative, Civil, and Criminal Assessments.

Our services are focused exclusively on providing forensic investigative knowledge to gain pertinent information through a variety of specialized interviewing techniques, i.e. behavioral interview analysis, statement interview analysis, and/or computerized forensic psycho-physiological (polygraph) examinations. We at Everest Investigations are pleased to offer our expertise in support of the private and public sectors with a forensic investigative interviewing TRUTH verification process.

If you conduct interviews or obtain written statements without forensic investigative interviewing knowledge you are doing the equivalent of processing crime scenes without proper training in the recognition and collection of evidence. Consequently, much of the information will be overlooked or misinterpreted, the investigation may suffer, and the TRUTH may never be reached.